Monday, November 03, 2008

Et tu, Baby?

My older children like to wake up approximately two hours before I'm ready to wake. Grey generally wakes up with the sun no matter how early that may be (summers are not pleasant!) and very rarely sleeps past Shawn is up and getting ready for work. He lays in bed and tries to talk to me and moves around just enough to keep me awake.

Amara wakes up after Grey and on my lucky days they wake up close enough together and the stars align just right so that they play quietly and nicely till I wake later. Usually, however, they fight and argue till I awake cross eyed and cranky to separate them.

This morning was no different than any other morning. Grey woke up, before the sun this time, and climbed into bed. I threatened him with bodily harm (actually I told him to go back to his own bed) if he didn't stay quiet and still so I could sleep. He eventually told me that he would go back to his room to play. It wasn't more than a few minutes before I could hear him and Amara arguing. So I called the kids in and pleaded with them to keep quiet so I could do that half sleep mom thing for another half hour. Then I looked down at Ivy only to see her cooing and smiling at me. I may be able to bribe/beg/steal sleep where the older kids are concerned there is no convincing the baby.

But aren't they adorable little monsters?

(Please ignore that they have on way too small pajamas and were clearly not in the mood to be photographed)


Blogger gail said...

your kids are SO gorgeous! just wanted to share that :) ~gail

1:16 PM  

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