Saturday, September 27, 2008

You are what you eat

I enjoy seeing what other people are eating. It inspires me to do more, save more, and be more creative and healthy.

I've been working my 2 week menu around what I've already got in the house right now in addition to our WIC foods and our expected CSA delivery. This menu has a focus on frugality with a few fun things added that are still really affordable. The only things I'll need to buy for this menu are corn chips, tomato sauce (though I could make it since we are getting 25lbs from the CSA but I was planning on using those for salsa), and steak (I've found that petite sirloins at Winco are just as cheap as chicken so its a nice splurge).

In case you are curious here is my menu.

And because a blog without photos just isn't as interesting, here are a few:

I got a haircut but dammit if I can make it look as good as the stylist.

And here is Ivy. She's only happy sitting upright now. Thanks G for the chair.


Blogger Hennifer said...

oh, Bumbo love :)

Thanks for sharing your menu.

I hate that about hair cuts! I've been in the same boat for months.

12:05 PM  

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