Thursday, September 04, 2008


I'm not sure what kind of homeschoolers we are. I know what kinds we aren't though. We aren't strict and stuck to a schedule of book work. We aren't unschoolers.

We got a late start on Tuesday because Grey woke up snotty and possibly sick on Monday. (Looks to be a very mild cold or allergies)
On Tuesday and Wednesday we did a few pages from Singapore Math and a few from Phonics Pathways. We read 2 pages in the Usborne History Book. I read to the kids and they read themselves. Wednesday we went to the homeschool bowling day.

It was a hit!

Today Amara practiced writing her name and address while Grey drew pictures. Then Amara did a sorting project from a work book while Grey drew pictures. She read from her poetry book (thanks B). Then Amara drew. She is now playing outside (t-ball) and reading books in the sun.
In a little while I'll read them some new books and then they will go to play in their room (hopefully) quietly.

I don't know what kind of homeschoolers we are but I hope we are happy ones.


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