Sunday, November 02, 2008

Baby Pattern Baldness

I've always thought that babies with heads full of thick hair look so cute (and advertisers apparently agree). So far though my babies have not kept their hair...

When Amara was born she had more hair than her dad. Quickly though she started to go bald.

We aren't sure if she lost hair or if her head outgrew her hair but we think it might be some combination of both.

This left her completely bald just in time for winter.

Greyson wasn't born with no nearly so much hair but still managed to loose the little bit he had.

I think perhaps he lost hair so he could conserve energy for his cheeks.

By winter he too was even balder but he had some stylin' widow's peaks.

Ivy was born with considerably more hair and a faux hawk that just won't stop. She too is managing to develop some baldness though. Whenever she lays down or is sitting against something she will furiously shake her head which has resulted in this lovely baby pattern baldness

At not quite 3 months its still unknown whether she will keep her hair but for now she'll just keep rocking her Reverse Mullet Faux Hawk.


Blogger B Kinch said...

Your babies make me smile. I missed a chance to hold that miniDunn today. I'll snuggle her all up tomorrow tho :)

6:59 PM  
Blogger Karinda said...

Those are adorable!!!
Kyla was born with thick black hair??? It all fell out???? It grew back in blonde a year later???? It is now brunette???
If you figure out this hair conundrum, let me know!

9:33 PM  

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