Monday, November 03, 2008

Early morning conversations

Me in plain text
Amara in bold text (because she's LOUD)
Grey in italics

Mommy's awake. Look at this craft I made! Its a monster with 4 arms and it lives on Venus and it eats only chocolate but it doesn't like yogurt and do you know why because it only eats chocolate and it has babies look here at all the babies I made......continues while Grey talks and she jumps around while telling me the rest of her story

Mommy can I have crackers? I'm sooooo hungry. Can I have crackers? Mommy, I'm "tirsty" and can I have crackers?

Yes, just a moment.

I'm hungry too. Can I make toast? Will you get down the toaster? Open this bread. I can't get it open. Can I have toast.

Yes, you can have toast. Just a minute.

I don't want toast. I want 'nilla yogurt. And crackers and fruit leather. And I "tirsty" mama! I want 'nilla yogurt! said while jumping in place and grabbing at my clothes

We don't have vanilla yogurt would you like strawberry

Grey, calm down and I'll find you something to eat

I don't want strawberry yogurt either. I want toast. Can you get down the toaster?

I want 'nilla yogurt! directing me to the door to go to the store and buy him some.

How about some fruit leather instead?

switches mood Yeah! "pruit leddah"!

And that is the first 30 seconds of my morning, every morning.


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