Friday, December 12, 2008

I need a vacation

I need a few days in which I don't go anywhere and I don't do anything. Especially the don't go anywhere part. Hauling 3 kids in and out of cars, stores, and various other places is taxing. I thought I might get a day this week in which I didn't go anywhere but it didn't happen.

I'd also love it if during these vacation days I didn't have to do anything at all. If I could just sit and read or watch a movie and not feel a shred of guilt about it. I know that anyone who's been to my place is probably thinking, "Isn't that what you do every day? It sure looks like it." In reality I'm always running laundry, doing dishes, picking up toys and crap off the floor. I'm just not fast enough. Most days the 3 year old resembles that spinning Tasmanian devil. And the 6 year old while willing to pick up doesn't do it without specific direction.

I just want a few simple days of blissful rest. Based on my calculations I've got at minimum 17 years 8 months before I can expect any rest. I'll mark it on my calendar.


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