Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving and then some

I don't have loads of wonderful Thanksgiving pictures but I do have this one. This is how our leftovers were packed up. My sister in law is a creative genius. I wish I came up with this idea!

I also don't have any photos of the GF mint chip brownies I made for Mar. Despite a disgusting beginning (yes garbanzo bean flour does taste exactly like garbanzo beans *shiver*) they turned out really well or at least the mint covered up the bean.

I'll also be conceited and say that my mashed yams with praline topping and green beans with bacon and onions were the best side dishes. Perhaps they are just my kind of foods.

Speaking of food I went on a hunt around town for GF flours. It looks like the health food store is really my only option. Like I said a few days ago I bought about 6 cups worth of flours to make the mix Bethany suggested and we've gone through it all. Pancakes are our weekend thing and I knew Mar would really want some so I headed out to our local discount grocery which has a huge range of bulk bins thinking that must have loads of flours. They do have lots of flour choices but only 2 GF options: white rice flour and corn meal. I then thought they might as least have something in the baking aisle. The only thing they had was the aforementioned garbanzo bean flour mix *shiver*.

I then decided to wander down the noodle and Asian foods aisle to look for rice noodles. The only option were Annie's Rice noodles and cheese for nearly $3 and typical stir fry noodles. Not what I wanted.

The breakfast meats were even worse. I walked out with a big bag of white rice flour and a box of Rice Chex.

After that I went to Fred Meyer with similar results. I wanted to cry.

We do have just enough of Bethany's mix and rice flour to make pancakes tomorrow. I hope they turn out.

In more positive news I finished a Christmas present. I love how this looks like a flower when its rolled up.

I started a Noro Striped scarf for someone I like a lot last night.


Blogger B Kinch said...

I'm really proud of you for working so hard. Dietary restrictions just plain bite. I'm so sorry for little miss Mar. Come over and talk food with me soon.

5:03 PM  

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