Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I am very right handed

and I remember at some point in middle school learning that generally meant that one was very left brained. "Left brained" apparently means you are more logical than emotional. At that time I was really happy to learn this as I wanted to more masculine and less of an "emotional female". There was a big push then to tell us girls that we were just as good as boys. This sentiment totally back fired on me. If you have to tell me we are just as good then the implication is that someone doesn't agree otherwise it would just be understood. Plus I watched a lot of TV then and well, its brain rot with all the uncreative stereotypical roles (ie Dads are only into sports and somehow trick their wives into sex, Moms are always right and use sex as a tool to get what they want [excellent marriage example, btw], kids are usually smarter than their parents who are completely clueless, girls are only interested in boys and being pretty, etc).

Lately I've come to see myself in a slightly different light than as a logical left brained person. As a mother I've softened a lot. And as B put it, I'm a definitely a girl. I'm emotional and sensitive. I often worry too much. I make decisions from my heart more than my brain.

I am okay with this. Me and my virtually worthless left hand don't mind being girly.


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