Saturday, October 17, 2009


Currently in the rain and thunder the man across the street is mowing his lawn. This isn't actually odd behavior for him. He seems to spend the majority of his time out of his home. I'm not sure if he just likes being outside or if the teens are getting to him. They clearly have teenagers though I couldn't say how many. There are always teens coming in and out of the house, sneaking around to the side to make out, and walking up and down the road. They aren't obnoxious but they are always there. Maybe the man is simply forced out by lack of space. He seems to spend hours a day putting things in and taking things out of his truck. He also mows the neighbors' yard on one side of him. At first I thought it was nice as she appeared to be a single mom but now I'm thinking that it's another excuse to keep out of his own home. Perhaps I should strike up a friendship and see how much lawn work I can get...


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