Sunday, September 27, 2009

My Ta-Da! List

Inspired by another blogger I have decided to post a Ta-Da! List today. Instead of focusing on what I can't accomplish I'll focus on what I have done. I have figuratively worked my butt off (figuratively because my butt is unfortunately all still there) today.

1.Washed, folded, put away 4 tall baskets of laundry (Can you believe there is more to do?!)
2. Washed 2 drying rack full of dishes (more of those too)
3. Vacuumed living room, dining room, hallway, kids' room, and office (the living room and dining room need to be done again and I need to take the dust buster to the edges of all the rooms)
4. Picked up the living room and helped the kids do the dining room and their room
5. Reorganized my yarn bins
6. Hung lots of stuff on the walls
7. Made lunch, simple as it was
8. Sorted the clothes for the season change
9. Supervised the kids numerous chores
10. Organized the kids craft area
11. Sorted things for the swap
12. Nursed and diapered the baby many times over, of course
13. Sneezed a hundred times from all the dust (yesterday Shawn and I unpacked the garage)
14. Finally sewed the buttons on two knitted items that have been waiting months

And now Ivy is finally napping. She's been a patient girl, especially since she's teething, and has spent a lot of time cuddling and playing with daddy.

Once she wakes up I want to finish the dishes, clean my own room, and maybe if I have time clean the bathroom. The bathroom will probably have to wait till tomorrow along with the rest of the laundry and the vacuuming.

I do feel pretty satisfied with what I've done but would be a lot happier if my kitchen and bedroom are clean before I go to bed.

Want to post your Ta-Da! List?


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