Friday, July 03, 2009

Looking for a deal

May this photo serve to remind you to wipe off the top of your cans before opening them.

Shopping around used to be part of my grocery routine but with the third child that has somehow become nearly impossible.

It being scorching day and having heard of a particular sale decided to stop by the canned food outlet (I know some people have issues with the place but I can overlook a lot for a scorching hot deal).

I did indeed find the kids favorite sweet snack, Stretch Island Fruit Leather, as well as some other organics including tomato sauce and paste (for the pizza that the kids love eating), crushed pineapple (perhaps also for the pizza), 2 bags of really delicious chips in sea salt and rosemary flavors, and 4 frozen gluten free enchilada meals for easy dinner nights.

All in all some really good deals on the organic foods I prefer to feed my family.

Perhaps I should add canned foods back into my routine.


Anonymous Carole said...

I typically don't use many canned goods, especially in the summer when so much great fresh food is available inexpensively - but yes, you certainly do want to wipre off your cans before opening!

I don't make pizza. Too much work! I've tried many of the shortcut recipes, but wasn't too happy with them. Maybe you have a good one?

We're going to do chicken wraps tonight. That's a fast fresh favorite around here. And watermelon. The kids are heading out to swim now. It's a beautiful day!

11:51 AM  

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