Thursday, July 02, 2009

My routine is off

Shawn is home today and tomorrow for a long holiday weekend so I'll be able to be more productive as well have a more peaceful day.

Each day I start out with one or another kid waking me up. This morning we got a late start and didn't get woken till 8am. I always prefer being woken up by a happy child than a demanding and cranky one. I got lucky today.

While the coffee was brewing I turned this (rack of clean and dried but not put away dishes not shown)

into this

By 8:30 I'm on here drinking my coffee and posting this which never could have happened normally but all three kids are in the other room with Shawn asking him question after question.

Today was the day of cooking. Banana pecan buckwheat mini muffins, french onion soup and cheese sandwiches for dipping, quesadillas for the kids, granola, and spaghetti sauce and meatballs both stuffed with hidden veggies.


into this

and now my sink looks like the photo above. All the tiny ones are falling asleep and soon I'll try to reinvent the kitchen once more since we are getting a really early start tomorrow.

I hope that you will stay nice and cool tomorrow and I'd love to hear about your day to day doings.


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