Saturday, June 20, 2009


Pressure. Some of it is society induced but most of it is my own damn fault.

I carry a lot of worry and guilt. I need to let it go.

I can only do what I can do. Others have their limits too and I need to adjust my expectations. I need to take people as what they are right now not what I hope they could be. I need to stop worrying what others think of me. I need to say "no" sometimes and be clear about my expectations and needs.

I need to be more patient. I need to change. And I need you to hold me accountable.

I you notice that I am worrying needlessly or if I share guilty feelings or taking on too much or expecting too much from others - tell me to stop. These are lifelong habits and it will take time to break them. I do need to improve myself though. My family and friends deserve better as do I.

*the preceding was not directed at anyone in particular other than myself. Do not be offended (see there I go with the worrying and guilt again)!


Anonymous Carole said...

Wow, you are driving yoruself crazy, aren't you? I'm fairly new here, so I don't really know what issues you are referring to, but you have to give yourself a break. If you know you did the best you could this day, go to bed peacefully and let it go. If you need some systems to help you out, come see me. If you just need a freind, tap me on the shoulder. I'll be around.

10:59 PM  

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