Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Top Ramen

I go through phases with Top Ramen. Everyone once in a while it will sound really good to me and I'll buy some, eat 2 packages and the rest will linger on my shelves until I through them away (which I probably should just keep them as they will survive the Apocalypse like Twinkies).

(this one is for you, Chey)

Well, today was that day. I succumbed to a flat of 24 for $4. Really? 24 meals for $4?! I had a hard time resisting. Both the kids will eat noodles so that's at least $4 in noodles. I'll just through out the seasoning powder as I'm not a fan of diarrhea.

So in preparation I've been looking for recipe ideas online, this one seems to have a lot of suggestions (this is for you too, Chey).


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