Thursday, July 31, 2008

How am I doing?

I have been asked this a lot so I might as well "publicly" respond.

My back is tired, not sore so much just tired.
My feet and legs swell up easily which is uncomfortable.
I'm tired mostly from lack of sleep. Grey wakes up early and I can't fall asleep till late. He also has been terrible at napping. So I'm tired.
I'm hungry all the time now especially late at night. And I have heartburn.
I am feeling crampy and get the occasional contraction, usually at night. They wake me up to pee then I can usually fall back asleep. More annoying than productive, I think.
The baby's head is very low in my pelvis. I waddle now. Her head is pressing on something and I get shooting pains down my thighs because of it. This doesn't encourage me to walk which of course would be helpful.
Mentally, I'm okay. I thought I might have the baby yesterday because that is when Grey and Amara were born. Then I held out hope for today so I could have one baby per summer month but I doubt that will happen. Now the only day I'd not like to have the baby is on Grey's birthday or one of the days surrounding it. It would make birthdays easier.
Emotionally, I'm okay. I know by now that inside is easier than outside even if I can't sit, sleep, eat, breath, or move comfortably.

So that's how I'm feeling.


Blogger B Kinch said...

I'm probably still going to keep asking. I can't believe you're having a baby. I want to hold it SO badly!

5:23 PM  

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