Monday, July 21, 2008

Forced nesting

I have a lot of things I want to do but little motivation or energy, so I just glare at the offending ares of my home that dared to get dirty and disorganized. Glaring isn't helping so I decided to pick an area and just straighten as best I could. I forced myself to move and do.

I choose my bedroom. After all, a midwife or two will be in there soon and it would be nice if they could walk through without tripping.
Mostly it was just putting things away like shoes and clothes. I put as much in the closet as I could, vacuumed, etc. Its not close to public presentable and never will be - we just don't have enough room! Then I did the weird Hollywood bathroom vanity in our room. I was ruthless with throwing out toiletries. If I've not used in the last couple of months I'm probably not going to ever use it so it gets dumped!

Then Mar tells me that the trash is overflowing. I start moving overflow (because the kids just keep piling it on top even if its completely full) to a new bag and then I notice a smell. This of course is not shocking because it is an enclosed cabinet with trash in it but I felt I needed to do something about it.
Half a bottle of Citra-solv later and its better and very orangey!

I want to do more later but for now the back must rest!

I think the kids' closet is my next victim of half done yet satisfying cleaning.

Is this interesting to anyone but me (well, probably Chey who wishes she could come be involved)? Probably not but its what's happening here.


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