Thursday, October 21, 2010

I make good soup

I once over heard a friend say, "Megan makes good soup." At first I was slightly offended as if I could only make soup while she could produce baklava, homemade marshmallows, and fresh bagels at will. Then I thought about it and damn, she was right. I do make good soup. Often on the fly throwing in whatever sounds good to me. I take a recipe and kick it up a notch with something wonderful and flavor packed. A few favorites get made over and over like Tuscan Peasant Soup and Baked Potato Soup all of which get my own variations in the pot.

Then there is the vegetarian soup without a name that Shawn loves and requests over and over. We just call it "that mushroom noodle soup"

Here are the players:

Chicken broth or your favorite vegetable broth (I make my mine by saving bits and pieces of veggies in a bag in the freezer. It's different every time and delicious)

And Cock Sauce which you can find in most grocery stores or at an Asian food store which if you've not gone to the one nearest you take a field trip now!

Soy sauce or coconut aminos.
San-J Tamari works well for a gluten free option

About a pound of portabella mushrooms chopped or sliced into bite sized pieces, Pad Thai rice noodles (also very cheap at your Asian food store), 1/2 a large onion or 1 small onion chopped into medium sized pieces.

There are no specific directions so deal with it and experiment on your own!

Bring the chicken broth to a boil and while that is heating up add your chopped veg to a pan preheated to medium with a tablespoon or so of olive oil. Don't crowd your mushrooms and they will turn out nicely browned and not mushy.

Cook the noodles in the broth until done and serve in a bowl with a small amount of the broth. Add your veg and then the delicious sauce which is incredibly easy.

To a small bowl add soy sauce and as much Cock Sauce as you can stand. Add in a pinch of ginger or salt if you are using a lower sodium soy sauce.

Pour this over the noodles. Yes, it needs to be done separately not only because you can adjust the heat for each person but also because it's more fun to get a bowl of soup and add in your own sauce.

This is delicious topped with finely chopped scallions or garlic chives.

It also only takes about 10 minutes start to finish.

It's pretty simple with only 7 ingredients but it is flavor packed and hearty!

**Excuse the poor iphone pictures**


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