Thursday, January 29, 2009

Good mornin' to you

If you've ever wondered what Chez Megan looks like at breakfast time then here is your sneak peek.

As you can see its rather dark and blurry.

That would be a coffee in my gorgeous mug on the left (cream and no sugar), a sock for Shawn in the back, my phone in case anyone texts me (unlimited texts, ya'll), and some sausage with banana pecan muffins (also note the unfolded laundry peeking out from behind the laptop).

I'm trying to make breakfast more of a priority and to make it something somewhat decent. Yesterday I failed. I woke with the worst headache that made me sensitive to all noise and movement. I became a snarling she wolf and generally made it a bad day for everyone. I did an exercise while waiting in the car to pick up Shawn. I picked up a falling apart journal that I use for random thoughts, doodles, and shopping lists but this time I took a page per child and wrote some things about them that I appreciate. I won't type it all out here but I will say that this changed my perceptions a lot. Eating seemed to help too. Today I'm making a better effort to keep myself hydrated and fed. I can let the laundry go but I can't let my health go. I tend to think of health as some far of consequence for the things I do now but its clear that it affects me here and now as well.


Blogger Karinda said...

Your set up looks way better than mine. Mine includes the computer, cell phone, coffee, and pop tarts. No healthy home-made food and no knitting. Every time I pick up the knitting it pisses me off that I knit like a first grader! LOL

10:04 AM  
Blogger Megan said...

Karinda, you need to give it time and patience.

12:14 PM  

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