Thursday, June 12, 2008

Random Thursday

-I got a haircut and I like it.

-I'm back on coffee after being mostly off it for 4 months

-I cleaned out a box of stuff I've ignored for the last year, since we moved in

-I want to devour books and wish I could spend my whole day reading

-I'm starving all the time now but rarely can come up with the inspiration to cook

-I'm exhausted and have insomnia

-I'm pissed off that the 5 largest oil companies made $36 Billion in profits the first quarter of this year. Just 8 years ago they made $18 Billion per year in profits. Interesting coincidence?

-I'm thrilled that my 2 3/4 yr old is nearly toilet trained


Blogger Sam said...

I'm sickened by the oil companies and our government that are living on the backs of the working class. They suck!

And, congrats on the nearly-toilet-trained toddler!!


8:39 PM  

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