Sunday, May 25, 2008


I just realized as I washed my hands in the bathroom that every room in our home has a pair of scissors.

The bathroom had a pair of kids' sized scissors just sitting on the counter (I have no idea why but they are usually there). Our bedroom has a pair by the sink for trimming mustaches and removing clothing tags (multi purpose for sure). The kitchen has two pair of kitchen shears. The dining area has 1 or 2 pairs in the basket on top of the microwave. The kids' room has a pair of safety scissors tucked safely out of reach from The Squirrel. The office has my sewing scissors and a pair of paper scissors. I have a small fold up pair by my laptop in the living room for knitting, plus another small kids' sized pair for some reason.

Yet, I still covet more scissors.

I want these

I wouldn't turn down the rotary cutter either ;)


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